Blackberry announces two new phones to the Bold & Curve Family


RIM isn’t announcing release dates or pricing on either device, but both should be available “around the world over the coming weeks.”

Research In Motion (RIM) has announced two new phones to add to their Curve and Bold families with more unfriendly number-based naming. The Bold 9790 and the Curve 9380 should hit markets world wide over the coming weeks. With the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S and both the Galaxy Nexus and Nokia Lumia loomig around the corner, would you really consider getting one of these new Blackberrys? Sure the specs are increasing especially with the Curve 9380 expected to have a 800Mhz Processor but they still are lagging way behind their counterparts.

The handsets are also expected to launch with BB OS7, which doesn’t give you much of a aesthetic overhaul rather the inclusion of NFC & better browsing.

If you currently use a Blackberry device to these current additions excite you or dissapoint you?

Source: RIM


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