TIP: Live Streaming on your Android Phone [FLASH-BASED]

Streaming tv shows & movies seems to have quickly taken over as our choice to being entertained. It has also been a way for tv networks to tackle the download revolution. You may be a pirate yourself or just have your ‘local DVD guy’ but I am sure ‘streaming’ is not foreign to you.

When streaming TV shows online, some channels such as Channel 9 make use of different technology which means streaming their shows has to be done via a browser on a PC with certain plug-ins installed. Other Channels such as ABC have dedicated apps for mobile devices and custom interfaces for consoles such as PS3. You have to remember though that if the technology they use is FLASH, your Android phone should be able to handle their streaming site.

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S II, which is a very fast phone and handles multi-tasking very well. A little while back I stumbled upon SBS – The World Game – Champions League page. When the UCL is on in Europe, it is streamed live to this website complete with stats on the right hand side. Now this is great if you can stay at home and watch this on your Internet capable TV or your PC, but if the game is on during the hours you usually commute to work you will definitely need another option.

It’s very easy, you can either try this address: http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/flash