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#Kony2012 – MemeCorner

#Kony2012 is an example of a social media generation bringing justice through awareness.

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#Kony2012 is exactly what you think it is, a campaign tag but not to lift this individual, it exists to tear him down.

Awareness has been raised through multiple social networks to make Joseph Kony the name on everyone’s lips. Many of you will see people posting or tweeting simply – #Kony2012, the idea is you search this and find out what your stance is on Joseph Kony. Many people have published this below video.


The video has been published by not for profit organisation “Invisible Children” who have been campaigning for Ugandan kids since 2004, #Kony2012 is the first viral video they have produced and has been highly successful. The campaign has been going for up to 48 hours now and has had over 4 million impressions.

The meme has been credited to Jason Russell- American filmaker who created the above film and he states this as the purpose of #Kony2012

The dream would be for Kony to be captured, not killed, and brought to the International Criminal Court to face trial, says Russell, not surprising considering Kony is the most wanted man in the world according to the ICC. The world would know about his crimes and they would watch the trial play out on an international level, seeing a man face justice who got away with abducting children, raping little girls, and mutilating people’s faces for 26 years.