R.I.P. Google Maps

R.I.P. Google Maps

The title is what many Apple converts will think if ’9-5 Mac’ rumours turn out true. It looks like the next iPhone may have an all new mapping system on it which will include 3D modelling. A bold move by Apple as they have relied on Google Maps for quite a long time now.

Why should you trust a rumour from 9-5 Mac? They told us about Siri before the iPhone 4S was announced and I don’t remember seeing anyone else predict the same thing.

With the growing popularity of Android handsets it is hard to imagine Google Maps ever dieing, on Android devices running 2.2+ you get the Navigation app which is an add on app for Google Maps. What does Navigation do? It turns your standard Google Maps in to 3D and then directs you with voice assistance to your destination. It is a complete navigation system which also includes traffic reports.

Apple themselves have been investing into mapping solutions, with buyouts of some very innovative mapping companies. One such company is C3 and of course they specialise in some amazing 3D style street view maps. C3′s 3D mapping solution seems similar to what Microsoft had planned with their acquisition of PhotoSynth.

What mapping solution do you use? Please state in the comments below.