Samsung Galaxy Note – Why larger is better

The first thing people say when they see me pull out a Samsung Galaxy Note is ‘Wow, that is a big phone’. The truth is, yes it is. With a 5.3inch screen this phone is one of the biggest phones available on the smartphone market.

Since writing my Telstra Exchange blog back in April, the biggest thing I have noticed is that more and more of my friends are entering the Android market with this handset. So why this one? Samsung has taken the everyday Android experience a little further by adding on the S-Pen and its many capabilities.

To date this handset is reported to have sold over 7 million units, which is an amazing feat considering the bad press it got for it’s size.

Although the dimensions are the first thing people talk about it, it is important to remember that the Galaxy Note is deceivingly thin for a device with such a large screen. It has a side profile of only 9.7mm, 1.1m thicker than a Galaxy S II (one of thinnest smart phones in the market). The Galaxy Note also a 5.3 inch screen which is one inch bigger than the Galaxy S II and besides more screen real estate, the Galaxy Note also has a very high resolution of 800 x 1280 px.


  • Bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet
  • S-Pen features have more potential to be developed further
  • Stable Android Gingerbread build with great feedback
  • Samsung cross-device support
  • Fantastic Battery life


  • Lack of updates, now two versions behind Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)
  • Non-Pocket Friendly
  • One-hand typing virtually impossible

Samsung Galaxy Note Instructional Infographic: