If you use an Android phone you need MightyText

If you use an Android phone you need MightyText

It’s easy to be surrounded by technology, yet sometimes technology can make us dependant when we don’t want to be. When we are using our computer, why should we have to have a phone out checking for a new SMS or incoming call?

MightyText has solved this little problem, it simply uses Google Chrome and your GMail account to let you know of new incoming SMS messages and phone calls. You will love being able to reply or send new SMS/MMS using your own keyboard!

MightyText is also really easy to install, simply go to the Google Play store and install the Android app.

One you have done this visit http://mightytext.net/install on your PC/Mac using Google Chrome and follow the instructions.

Be aware this is not a free SMS tool it will use your carrier to send text messages but does not cost any extra. MightyText can also be used a SMS backup tool which is fantastic for those who like to frequently swap phones.

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