HOW TO: get Triple M live streaming on your iPad

HOW TO: get Triple M live streaming on your iPad

As the footy (AFL) season is coming closer to an end you may be wanting to hear more from the Triple M footy boys to keep up to date with all the goss/news.

Will Hird and Ratten get sacked by year out? Do North and Sydney get to choose their finals venue? Was Buddy rested against GC because of the three strikes rule? ;)

You can easily get Triple M Footy live streaming on your iPad, by downloading the official Triple M footy app from the iTunes store. For those who didn’t know, you will also need to flick an extra setting on to keep it continually streaming without locking your iPad. (Be warned this setting will use up more battery power).

Get Triple M streaming for you in 3 easy steps.

1. Open the Apps Store in your iPad & Search Triple M (Download it by entering in your iTunes credentials)
2. Open your Settings and navigate to the General Tab on the left. Click on the field “Auto-Lock” and select ‘Never’.

3. Open up the Triple M app which should now be on your last homescreen. Enjoy!