iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 - Which to buy and why...

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – Which to buy and why…

Samsung and Apple – the two big power houses in the smartphone industry go head to head with the two flagship phones of 2012. Never mind Sony’s new Xperia range, or HTC’s One range, the big question is iPhone or GS3? It’s hard to pick a clear winner between the two, they both have a lot of pros and cons. Samsung builds great hardware and they have for quite a while, they have been in the electronics business for a long time and are very involved in the whole smartphone process. Apple on the other hand have creative geniuses and visionaries behind the company that know how to source the best parts. Before Apple and Samsung met in court to discuss $1billion lawsuits they met in the boardroom to discuss business partnerships. Innovation happens when we have a competitive market, whether you choose the Galaxy S 3 or the iPhone 5 this can only help motivate both companies to keep innovating.

Why you should get a Samsung Galaxy S 3:

If you are going to get the Galaxy S 3, make sure you get the 4G version which is coming out very soon with Optus and Telstra. There is no denying that the Galaxy S 3 is a fantastic device and running Android’s Jellybean it brings a wealth of features. As I have been saying for a while the Android OS means customisation, you and your friend can both have GS3s yet the phones when switched on look completely different.

  • Galaxy S 3 has Google Maps Navigation – this is light years ahead of Apple Maps
  • It’s Samsung’s flagship for 2013 so should get updates fairly quickly
  • Huge screen – if you like screens bigger

Why you should get an iPhone 5:

The new iPhone has finally changed shape, yes it finally looks a little different. Let’s be honest, looks are important and this iPhone looks amazing, it is ridiculously thin (not the thinnest as mentioned in the Apple keynote) and the aluminium backing looks fantastic.

Internally you are looking at some of the best buit hardware available on the market, this phone is capable of alot and already packs 4G LTE. It comes pre-loaded with iOS6 which has fantastic social integration and Siri has been updated to tell you about Australian business.

  • iOS6 is pre-loaded out of the box, but any new iOS update will be pushed straight to the phone.
  • The best choice in apps, Apple still has a wealth of great apps over Android and a much less cluttered market
  • Apple knows how to do smartphones well, they build the most amount of hype and they produce great quality phones

What did I get?: Well I got an iPhone 5 – Apple has finally won me over in the smartphone market. The latest revision is sleek, has the apps I want to use daily and does all of this very well.

Apple has a focus on customer experience which covers how a customer feels when holding, viewing and using anyone of their products. With its combination of being light, thin and beautifully designed, the iPhone 5 may epitomize this philosophy more than any prior Apple product.
I’m looking forward to getting OS updates pushed straight to my phone but will still have an Android accesible as I have never been able to leave the mobile platform completely. (mainly Google Maps Navigation and uTorrent!)

Also let’s see if I am still using an iPhone 5 when the new Google Nexus comes out… Time will tell.