How to screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII)

How to screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII)

Android phones for a long time lacked a great feature on the iPhone, which was of course the screenshot. The screenshot is just as easy to do on a Samsung Galaxy S III as an iPhone, at first it can be a bit fiddly but after a while you will become a pro at it and start screen shotting just for fun. So, what are the reasons you want to screenshot?

Maybe you want  to prove a highscore to a friend, or maybe you want to show them something that you have downloaded. It can also come in handy when doing online shopping, if you are not sure whether the receipt will be sent through, you can take a screenshot as proof that you purchased.

So how do you screenshot?

Well it is easy, just hold down the [POWER] button which is on the right hand side above the volume buttons and the [HOME] button which is on the front bottom in the middle.

Alternative Method – If you would like to gesture a screenshot:

1. Click the MENU button and select SETTINGS.
2. Select MOTION.
3. Under “Hand Motion” settings, check “Palm swipe to Capture” checkbox.
4. Now you can capture screens by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or right to left.

You can go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured. Enjoy!