How to protect your iPhone in extreme heat

How to protect your iPhone in extreme heat

If you haven’t figured it out yet, pulling your iPhone out in rain can quickly end in tragedy and so can using it in extreme heat. When I use to work in a phone store we had a large number of mobile phones come back with liquid damage. Liquid damage can come from using your phone in the rain, condensation from bathrooms or even from an excessive amount of sweat. None of this is covered by warranty, which means you need to take good care of your iPhone if you want to try and see out the majority of your two year contract.

If the iPhone detects that it is in conditions outside its designed operating range (-20º to 45º C), it’ll switch into a low-power mode, turning off the radio signals (mobile reception, wi-fi & bluetooth) which produce the majority of the heat, while pausing all apps and background processes.

Here are a few tips on how to look after your iPhone when it is extremely hot:

1. Take your iPhone out of its protective case
Your iPhone heats up by being in a protective case, so strip off any unnecesarry layers so it can breathe a bit easier during hotter weather.

2. Don’t leave your iPhone in the car
This tip not only applies to cars, but anywhere that holds in the heat on a hot day. Your car generally will be hotter than outside which creates a bad environment for your iPhone to rest.

3. Turn off radio signals you don’t need all the time
If you never turn off Bluetooth or Wifi, now is the time. These two radio signals are working out the battery even harder which is producing unnecessary heat. It is better during the hotter days to only use these extra radio signals only when necessary.

4. Turn off LTE (4G)
If you bought an iPhone 5 because it had 4G (LTE) but have not specially seen huge benefits you are not alone. Today may be the best day to go back to the less desirable but still functional 3G to ensure your iPhone stays a bit cooler. To turn off LTE, simply click on your Settings icon from the homescreen. Then click on General > Cellular > Enable LTE —> There should be a toggle for On & Off.