FIFA 13 Career Mode Tip - Squad Rotation

FIFA 13 Career Mode Tip – Squad Rotation

Do you want to be the best manager in FIFA 13, follow our set of tips so you will be lifting trophies while managing the best team and keeping good player morale.

FIFA 13 has brought in even more features for those who love to play career mode, from intricate transfers to scouting potential and effectively managing your team.

FIFA 13 Manager Tip: Squad Rotation
In case you haven’t noticed, when you have an injury in your team you get an option asking would you like to delegate the team selection to your assistant manager. You will notice that if you choose to delegate, not only has your injured player been replaced but more often than not many players have changed for the next game. This is called squad rotation, and is a key to being a successful career manager. The benefits you get out of regular squad rotation are:
– Keeping up player morale
– See potential super subs
– Avoid injuries by giving regular players a rest
– Keep up energy levels of players

So how do you squad rotate?

Before your game starts, go to team selection and on your PS3 hit the square button. This will rotate the starting line up and bench.

If you use an XBox, simply press the BLUE x button