Why you should give foursquare another chance

Last night when I was chatting to my wife we both realised that one of the longest consistent apps we have used is foursquare. I have used it across multiple platforms: Symbian, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iOS while she has used it solely on iOS. It would have been much easier for me to become disinterested as iOS development for a long time was ahead of Android and Windows Phone but slowly enough Android outran them both.

As I am now two check-ins away from my 3333th check in on foursquare and have gone from 4 friends to 96, I will list a few reasons as to why you should start using foursquare again or maybe join for the first time.

1. Foursquare is a great social game between friends
We would check in to our regular places, race each other for most points for the week and try hold down the most mayorships. It was friendly banter for when we met up and was a great conversation starter.

2. Earning discounts and getting specials
Specials and Discounts are available by simply checking in to a place, sometimes you may need to check-in with a lot of other people to unlock it (swarm special) and other times you may need to hold the mayorship (some offer free coffee). I managed to earn an extra 10% off current discounted items at Macy’s pre-christmas by simply showing my phone.

3. The new ratings features
Foursquare Explore now has ratings powered by where people actually like to go, not just star ratings that you find on Yelp! and Urban Spoon. This way you can see what is the buzz and where people are visiting.

4. Interesting insights after every check-in
Foursquare has made things even more interesting by including interesting insights which will dig in to your past. Slightly creepy but also very informative!

5. Explore your own city or a city you are visiting
Foursquare will go deeper than the most popular places as recommended by Lonely Planet. Plus Lonely Planet is way too expensive these days, just hit the Explore button on Foursquare and you can find out what is the buzz.