[VIRAL VIDEO] After Ever After - Jon Cozart

[VIRAL VIDEO] After Ever After – Jon Cozart

So, have you ever wondered what happened to the DISNEY princesses after their happily-ever-afters? No? Ok stop lying to yourself, we know you have! Jon Cozart who has his own YouTube Channel labeled “Paint” has created another successful video, this time titled “After Ever After”.

Does Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” get caught by poachers? Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” end up a plastic surgery addict? Cinderella, upon realizing that there’s no such thing as the perfect man, become a bitter divorcée?

“Disney movies all end with the characters getting everything they desire so I wanted to put them in real-life scenarios to see what their lives would look like,” | Jon Cozart

This may be Jon’s first viral video but he is no stranger to YouTube fame with his “Harry Potter in 99 seconds” video reaching over 12 million views.

It seemed his YouTube adventures started when he was auditioning for GLEE, in which he made a great audition video which you can watch below…

Currently Jon Cozart is studying at University of Texas and has made this video due to Spring Break boredness, but stay tuned as we may see more Disney characters spoofed with his creative videos.