Instagram - The case for hashtaging

Instagram – The case for hashtaging

So you may be a Instagram newbie or maybe even a seasoned Instagamer (#igers) and you keep seeing so many photos with heaps of weird and sometimes non-relevants hashtags. Ever wondered why? These hashtags are getting Instagramers discovered and if you start using these hashtags you can see your photos get new followers and sometimes go viral.

Instagram, previously commonly linked with Twitter and now owned by Facebook introduced hashtags in late 2010 – early 2011 and it became the most popular way of discovering great photos and being discovered. So popular in fact that Facebook is even rumoured to be introducing a hashtag feature, which will make Facebook posts easier to search and order.

So which hashtags are the most popular?

#tweegram – Tweegram is actually an Android and iPhone app which allows you to make Instagram photos into an old style ‘telegram’ highlighting quotes and words. Even if you use another app and it follows this style, people still seem to use this hashtag.

#instagood – This hashtag simply highlights noteworthy Instagramers, the hashtag seems to be managed and started by Ryan Muirhead who is close to 15K followers.

#photooftheday – Photo of the day is an initiative which features the best Instagram photo of the day as selected by those who manage the hashtag. To get discovered use this and you could be featured here.

#iphonesia- even though it may sound like a medical condition, it actually isn’t. Aries Tusman from Indonesia started this hashtag in 2010 simply as an ‘iPhonegrapher’ from Indonesia. If you say this hashtag back in early 2011, the photos were from all around Indonesia, now they are spammed with uneducated Instagramers.

#instamood – the hashtag for selfies, usually explaining the mood you are in by just a photo and a few words. If your narcissistic side comes out on social media, use this hashtag for all selfies.

#igers – is simply a community of Instagramers who obviously love abbreviations. This hashtag is used to connected the community via their photos.

TIP for using hashtags – Always put them in after your caption so it is more attractive for the public to view.

So should you use hashtags? Depends what you use Instagram for, if you are wanting the public to see your photos then use relevant Instagram hashtags to get discovered. Good Luck!