Facebook Tip: How to change your relationship status in a subtle manner

Facebook Tip: How to change your relationship status in a subtle manner

So you found the love of your life (or so it seems) and you’re now ready to announce that to the rest of the world… Announcing new relationships is now a very normal thing. In fact, if you chose not to announce you should get ready for questions to come your way. But unfortunately with many relationships come break ups and this is not necessarily something you want to announce as publicly as when the relationship started. On the flipside, some still prematurely announce the relationship on Facebook before the other is ready to. This will cause Facebook to announce you are in a relationship, with the person who you thought was in it with you still has the words “single” on their profile.

If you follow the easy steps below you can change your relationship status without so much sticky beaking.

1. Edit the About section of your profile
From your Facebook profile page, click on the “About” tab under your cover photo.

2. Edit the Basic Information Section
Next to the Basic Information section of the About Page, there with be a small edit button with a pencil. Click this and screen overlay box should pop up.

Next to section there is individual privacy controls, here you can choose who sees the change you have in relationship status before you hit save. You can also choose to make it more public at a later date.

3. Just to double check edit your activity log

To be safe, make sure you check your activity log for any unwanted Newsfeed updates